Quantum Optics Engineer/Scientist

SpeQtral is looking for a highly motivated quantum optics engineer or scientist to join a team of space quantum pioneers at the office in Singapore. We are commercialising quantum communications to prepare the world for the quantum future. Think quantum space lasers, entanglement and military level secure communications. As part of our mission to transform the world’s networks we plan to launch a constellation of satellites to enable world-wide entanglement distribution. The earliest application of this is highly secure delivery of encryption keys to facilitate secret communications.

At SpeQtral, you would work directly together with a team of scientists and engineers to overcome the technical challenges of quantum communication in the real world.



  • Master’s degree in physics (with specialization in quantum optics, information or communication) + two years of working experience in a relevant field, or PhD in quantum optics, information or communication
  • Exceptional academic achievements
  • Track record of publications and/or conference presentations in a relevant field
  • Curiosity about working on the forefront of deep tech development


Technical skills:

  • Quantum optics: you have worked with optical systems that operate in the single photon regime. You are familiar with measurements and analysis of quantum states, specifically for polarization encoding.
    • Examples: quantum state tomography, polarization entangled photon sources, weak coherent pulses, single photon sources.
  • Free space optical communications: you are familiar with the challenges of transmitting photons over long distances through free space optical channels.
    • Examples: LIDAR, gaussian beam propagation, optical communications.
  • Quantum key distribution: you have already worked with quantum key distribution systems, free-space or fibre based.


Bonus technical skills – experience in any of the following topics is advantageous

  • Optical design software (Zemax)
  • Quantum key distribution software
  • Electronics engineering
  •  Data analysis
  • Quantum communication theory
  • Space-to-ground QKD
  • Optical communications
  • Control loops


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We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.