SpeQtral, ITB and Kennlines Capital Group, Signs Memorandum of Understanding to Develop Quantum Secure Networks in Indonesia to thwart Eavesdroppers

20. February 2020

JAKARTA, IndonesiaPRNewswire –SpeQtral, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Bandung Institute of Technology (SEEI-ITB) and Kennlines Capital Group have collaborated to develop a Quantum secure network in Indonesia and hosting a Quantum Information Seminars & Workshop 2020 with the theme “The Megatrend of Quantum Information & Secured Communication”. Commencing with a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on Thursday, 20th February 2020, in the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Sapta Pesona Building, the three institutions officially started the collaboration. This ceremony focused on a commitment to foster awareness of the benefits of Quantum Communication Technology for broad telecommunications network security in Indonesia.

Prof. Dwi H. Widyantoro as School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Bandung Institute of Technology (SEEI-ITB), Chune Yang Lum as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SpeQtral and Mirza Whibowo Soenarto as Chairman of Kennlines Capital Group officially started the collaboration to foster awareness of the benefits of Quantum Communication Technology and broad telecommunications network security in Indonesia.

The seminar was attended by officials from the government, telecommunication companies, satellite-based companies, banks and academics from several universities. This seminar will be followed by a technical workshop involving experts in quantum communications and computing from ITB and SpeQtral, as well as government officials.

Quantum technologies make use of the ability to control and manipulate small objects governed by quantum physics, such as atoms, photons and electrons. This subject includes quantum computing, quantum communications, and quantum sensing. Of these, quantum communications is the most advanced regarding its physical implementation, and its immediate application to secure communications. Quantum communications utilizes the quantum property of photons to create a unique ability to detect eavesdroppers and create quantum channels for secure communications.

Chune Yang Lum as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SpeQtral said, “We believe that quantum communications have the power to transform the security of the world’s network.” He also explained that one application of the new technology of quantum communication is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which can be used to securely distribute encryption keys that are safe from eavesdroppers.

Dean of SEEI-ITB, Prof. Dwi H. Widyantoro added that QKD is a technology that can provide the best network security system in the protection of communication data. “Future networks need QKD to provide the best security. Fortunately, QKD systems are available today. QKD was invented thirty years ago and developed in universities and research labs. The technology is now finally ready to deliver in Indonesia.”

Along with the advancing development of QKD technology throughout the world, Mirza Whibowo Soenarto as Chairman of the Kennlines Capital Group said that this technology has the potential to be practiced in the fields of government and defense, telecommunications, network security, banking and enterprise systems. “Indonesia needs networks that meet the highest levels of security to minimize losses caused by unwanted parties and QKD is a solution to these problems.

Through utilizing SpeQtral’s reputation as one of the companies that excel in the research of quantum communications technology and satellite telecommunications technology, this collaboration aims to widely introduce the technology and raise awareness of the benefits of quantum communications technology and telecommunications network security in Indonesia. “SpeQtral warmly welcomes the collaboration with ITB & Kennlines Capital Group and we hope that together, we can enhance the resilience of the communications infrastructure against future eavesdropping threats in Indonesia,” Chune Yang said in the Quantum Information Seminars & Workshop 2020 press conference session.

Dwi also announced the enthusiasm for the collaboration itself. He revealed that through this collaboration, ITB could play a role as a center for research and development of Quantum Technology in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. Mirza added, “The signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding expects to foster motivation for the academics and the public in general, to contribute to the development of Quantum Communication in Indonesia.”

Most activities in quantum development are being led by developments under concerted state-sponsored efforts. But there are also commercial developments led by other privately funded companies (including SpeQtral) and larger telecommunication and satellite operators. According to some independent research organizations, the quantum communications market size is expected to top $5B in the next five years.


About ITB

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) is the first engineering college in Indonesia founded on March 2, 1959, and is one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. Currently, ITB has 27 study programs that are internationally accredited to meet the needs of technical personnel in Indonesia and abroad.


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Kennlines Capital Group is an investment company that has a commitment and full contribution to the development of Indonesia’s economy through business activities that always offer solutions to numerous national problems in various sectors and provide quality services and benefits to all levels of society. As one of the leading investment companies in Indonesia, Kennlines has actively participated in the country’s economic growth through the four pillars of business activities, namely: Kennlines Infrastructure, Kennlines Enterprises, Kennlines Digital and Kennlines Consultant. Operating as a holding company, Kennlines Capital Group has 2 sub-holding companies namely PT Sarida Utama and PT Priatman and 8 Strategic Business Units that focus on developing business portfolios in the productive business sector.


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