SpeQtral CEO Chune Yang Lum invited as guest on the Space Capital Podcast

18. February 2020

On the latest episode of the Space Capital Podcast, host and Space Angels CEO Chad Anderson has invited SpeQtral’s CEO Chune Yang Lum as guest. They are talking about quantum security and how SpeQtral as Space Capital’s portfolio company is contributing.



This is the excerpt given on Episode 17, which is titled “Quantum Security”:


Quantum computing is advancing rapidly and this is creating a problem for secure communications that rely on the supposed mathematical complexity of asymmetric encryption keys. Although these keys are secure against computational hacks today, most are easily cracked with quantum computers. China is leading the world in creating its own impenetrable quantum secure network and looks to extend that lead by outspending the US in quantum research by 13-1 over the next three years.

With offices in Singapore and Colorado, SpeQtral are the only company outside of China that has demonstrated a quantum light source on-orbit. In this episode, we speak to Chune Yang Lum, CEO of SpeQtral, a Quantum Security company developing “the security layer for the quantum internet”.


Listen to the complete 40-minutes interview directly on the Space Capital website, or use the player below:



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