SpeQtral Selected for World Economic Forum: Global Innovators Community

SpeQtral Co-Founder & CEO, Lum Chune Yang (far left) at the WEF conference in Geneva

SINGAPORE, November 20, 2023 – SpeQtral, a leading quantum communications technology company, has announced it has been selected to join the World Economic Forum’s invite-only Global Innovators Community. 


Based out of Singapore, SpeQtral develops quantum-secure technology and services designed to future-proof telecommunications networks against both legacy and quantum-based cyber attacks. Its technology and services include satellite and fibre quantum key distribution (QKD) systems, which are essential to securing the world’s networks in the face of rapidly-evolving innovations in quantum computing. SpeQtral is working towards developing the world’s first “quantum fabric” which represents a collection of hardware and software systems that seamlessly integrate the quantum-safe satellite and terrestrial networks. 


SpeQtral joins a select group of start-up and scale-ups in the Global Innovators Community, all of whom offer bleeding-edge technology primed to transform industries and societies. As part of the community, Chune Yang Lum, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeQtral, will be attending the Quantum Economy Meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum in Geneva on November 15th and 16th. Chune Yang Lum will join 80 quantum leaders across the private sector, academia, and governments to discuss responsible adoption of quantum technologies, post-quantum security measures, and advancing responsible innovation and deployment. 


“We are honored to join such a prestigious group of innovators brought together by the World Economic Forum,” commented Chune Yang Lum, founder and CEO of SpeQtral. “The pace of innovation in quantum computing is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. This presents tremendous potential for the world, but also a unique and significant threat to secure communications. It’s vital now that the quantum community and stakeholders at all levels convene to drive innovation and future-proof global networks against inevitable quantum security threats. It was a meaningful time attending the Quantum Economy Meeting and bringing SpeQtral’s insight and innovation to this important dialogue between members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community. The conference further reinforced the importance of SpeQtral’s mission, to prepare both sovereign and enterprise telecommunications companies for this new quantum era by creating our quantum fabric for secure communications.”





About SpeQtral

SpeQtral is a pioneer in quantum communications, with a vision to build and deploy global quantum networks. SpeQtral develops quantum-secure products and services designed to protect sovereign and enterprise telecommunication networks against classical, as well as future quantum based cyber-attacks. Combining both terrestrial and space-based solutions, SpeQtral aims to secure the world’s networks against the threats posed by the imminent quantum revolution and drive innovation in quantum communications that will serve as the building blocks for the future quantum internet.

For more information, please visit: https://speqtral.space/


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