SpeQtral wins $50,000 at Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit

07-13. November 2019

SINGAPORE — As one of the 5000+ applications to the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, SpeQtral was selected to pitch at the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit, featuring start-ups from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

CTO Robert Bedington successfully pitched at the event on the 07th November and won first prize. As winner, he was automatically catapulted into the SLINGSHOT 2019 Finals, a startup event hosted by Enterprise Singapore. In this event, which was held a week later from 11th to 13th November, SpeQtral was awarded another $25,000 with the Mistletoe impact prize.

Now, SpeQtral is invited to pitch for the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit from 21st to 23rd October 2020 in Paris.

Tickets can be purchased here. Use the promo code HT30SPEQT for 30% off your summit pass.